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Conducted a baseline study in southwestern Haiti of a community of vetiver farmers.

The study was designed to assess practical sourcing issues regarding agricultural techniques, skills, and land distribution. It also covered a range of development indicators, such as education levels, employment, income, and access to health care. CSI+ will use the data to help a large global fragrance company improve the sustainability of their supply chains – creating an even higher quality product while investing in the local farming community.

The company has supported a local cooperative, which aims to improve the quality of life for vetiver farmers. The cooperative will use the data to advocate for farmers’ rights with the factory and the middlemen to increase incomes, and to design training programs that increase productivity and encourage young people to stay and work in the community. Their plans include a much needed local school and a training center. The latter will initially largely focus on the female members of the community who already have basic artisanal and local marketing skills.

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