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Conducted a baseline study on the copahu oil production in the Brazilian Amazon

Host to a traditional community of approximately 200 people, Riozinho do Anfrisio is a Brazilian Conservation Unit (CU) in the country’s northeastern region that belongs to the Federal government, not inserted in the traditional copahu production chain throughout the Brazilian Amazon. The study was intended to assess practical sourcing issues of copahu oil, notably agricultural techniques, collection skills, and purchasing systems.

The study also covered a range of development indicators, such as education levels, employment, income, and access to health care. CSI+ will use the data to help a large global fragrance company improve the sustainability of their supply chains and help the CU community organize themselves to be able to produce copahu oil at a reasonable technical level.

The aim of the company’s project and involvement in the area, which began in June of 2011 with the assistance of various local NGOs, is to find the most efficient ways of improving the quality of the lives of copahu oil collectors and their families, as well as measure said improvements and ensure continued conservation of the forest. The study designed by CSI+ will serve as an example for other baseline studies to be conducted in copahu producing communities throughout the Brazilian Amazon.

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